Service and calibration

Servicing your CMM is as important to its performance as the correct initial set up.  Owing to the fact that precision measuring machinery calculates the coordinates of an object down to the micron,  it is an understatement to say that the hardware needs to be checked,  updated and any increments of variation corrected by a trained and knowledgeable professional.

Service and calibration

Choose from:

Our UKAS 10360 accredited calibration service takes us beyond the standard CMM certifications available across the industry. With QCT you will receive a certificate that is both traceable and recognisable as the best industry standard calibration available.

Annual calibration encompasses all elements of the measuring equipment on your CMM, from the probe down to the stability of the motorised mechanisms inside. Any alterations to the environment, problems with use or variations in consistency can be checked during calibration and corrected accordingly. It goes without saying that the smallest misalignment could result in a much greater cost to the business if it is not nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

Ineffective machinery, measurements that are continually ‘out’, a team that are not on top of their CMM programming and software that is outdated are all outcomes of unserviced machinery, out of date software and missed training opportunities. We want to offer a complete solution to all these issues and ensure that your business stays efficient, relevant and productive.

As well as offering a complete service, repair and calibration call out service, by retrofitting our own software to the machine we are able to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems quickly. Our engineers have a wealth of experience that has been gained working in the CMM industry. By working through a comprehensive checklist they are able to quickly establish any issues with your CMM and their knowledge allows them diagnose and resolve any problems that they find. They are also trained to examine and explore the potential for and issues due to arise and correct them before they become a problem on the machine or halfway through your project.

We are also able to offer a sub contract service where you can send parts directly to us for onsite precision inspection. Our CMMs operate in a quality regulated 20°C environment under the control of our highly trained inspection team. This is the ideal solution for when a permanent CMM fixture is not a practical option.

Should you need to move a CMM, we offer a complete transport service that allows you to coordinate the transfer without worrying about potential damage to your precision measuring equipment, safe in the knowledge that QCT know how to transport the machine correctly and install it in its new location properly.

To keep your precision measuring machinery working accurately and your manufacturing process running smoothly, it is imperative that the acute measuring mechanics are kept in first class condition and the supporting software is up to date. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss the individual requirements of your CMM.

As well as a range of software programs that are available for all our CMMs, we also offer a range of training programmes that cater for all levels of experience. Just as with our equipment, we understand that there is not a “one size fits all” solution for every business and we are confident that our hands on approach will ensure that your team are ready for the task ahead of them. Initiating new member of a team or training an existing team to work with CMMs and the software need no longer become an extra time-consuming burden. From installing and upgrading software to a complete “start to pro” training programme, we can bring your team and your CMM equipment up to date and ready to cope with the increasing demands of your business.

At QCT we are able to offer much more than a blanket certification service. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your individual set up and requirements are met on every visit. Whether it is a one off check that you are looking for or a complete, hassle-free annual package we can give you above and beyond the level of service and technological knowhow that you are looking for.