With over 1000 + installations , QCT have the most popular CMM retrofit software available. We can retrofit all types & sizes of CMM . Easy to use , Quick , simple and powerful simply the BEST. The best only gets better with Free updates * and a additional software option of Inspect3D-Pro (+Cad). QCT also produce a standalone software package Inspect off Line which allow users to produce programs without the component, around Iges or Step Cad models.


1000 +Installations

Our competitors say they can retro fit this machine and that machine. QCT are different we have retrofitted all the following types of machines, and replaced these types of software

Machine Manufacturer’s:

  • Mitutoyo
  • Hexagon
  • IMS
  • Brown & Sharpe
  • Faro
  • Aberlink
  • DEA
  • Cimcore
  • LK
  • Eley
  • Poli
  • Stiefelmayer
  • Status
  • Kemco
  • Crown
  • ITP
  • Sheffield
  • Romer
  • Tesa
  • Renault
  • Starret
  • Coord 3
  • Wenzel


Machine Software

  • Cosmos
  • Geoicon
  • Geopak and many others
  • Pc Dmis
  • Tutor Dos
  • Tutor Windows
  • Aberlink
  • Micro 900
  • Delcam Power Inspect
  • Micropak
  • PC3d
  • Omni3d
  • CMES
  • Accudat
  • Metromec
  • Axel
  • ITP
  • Metronic
  • Status SW
  • Winspect
  • Micropak 100
  • Micropak 120


Our Software is Easy to use , quick,  simple & powerful

Derived totally in house , our software can be driven via easy to read graphic icons or simple and fast two digit codes .Built in intelligent feature processing eliminates the difficulties associated with normal CMM software. Advanced functionality like SPC charts inc CP/ CPK , CAD DATA transfer , Pipe measurement, Reverse engineering, Best fit is all standard. There are no costly extras

The best only gets better:

QCT’s ongoing program of software support and updates means that your machine will never be out of date .*All Inspect 3D software updates and support are free we only ask you use QCT for your maintenance & annual service of your CMM. You will find our maintenance cost’s are very reasonable at usually 50% less than the major CMM manufactures. (* Inspect ² Cad subject to a low cost maintenance package)

Our Customers

Our customer base is very large & varied and ranges from very small companies to multinationals inc … Perkins… Columbia… GEC… AWE… X-Cel…