Offline CNC Programming software from CAD



InspectOffline-Pro is a natural choice of progression to be added to the QCT suite of CMM software programs. As more demands are put on Quality Departments to become an intergral part of production the need for faster throughput and planning has become a necessity. Inspect from Cad allows the user to produce full offline cnc programs without the use of a component. The program allows the user to generate a program by teaching around a cad model displayed on the screen

InspectOffline-Pro has been designed in the same vien as Inspect3D-Pro and Inspect3D-Pro(+Cad) with the emphasis on ease and speed of use. This negates the need for specialist programmers and keeps the control of inspection techniques with the quality department – where it should be.

IGES and Step translation are supported as standard , other formats are also available. The data is converted in QCT’s own surface geometry on NURBS mathematics (recognised as the most stable and accurate surface parameterisation available).

  • Powerful but simple to use.
  • Full standalone offline programming software, teaching a program from cad.
  • Probe and Cmm graphics
  • Virtual reality style views full on screen simulations.
  • Geometric measurement and alignment setups
  • Compatible with Inspect3D-Pro and Inspect3D-Pro(+Cad)