New CMM Sales

We have a large range of new CMMs in stock and each model sold is installed by our team of trained and knowledgeable engineer specialists. We also provide a complete 1 year warranty with all our products. When the guarantee expires your CMMs are eligible for our full service or calibration contract services.

New CMMs or Coordinate-Measuring Machines take the geometric measurements of a physical object. They can be controlled by computer software or traditionally by manual means. The measurements, or readings are taken in six degrees of freedom to give the most accurate and comprehensive mathematical description of the object. The machine reads the input measurements through a probe across the X, Y & Z axes. Specifically, these machines are used when micrometre precision is required.

CMM machinery can be used to take measurements during the manufacturing process to test the size of parts accurately against the original design. Each machine can be programmed individually to specific parts and to measure repeatedly as part of a factory assembly line process. Data may be collected and analysed through installed software on the machine.

We offer the Quantum 4, Quantum GL, Quantum GLH, Quantum 4 as well as the Inspecta Arm and a range of refurbished machines. To find out which model is best suited to your requirements, browse our range of new CMMs on site or telephone our office to speak to a member of our team. We want to match the ideal CMM solution to your business and are happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss the individual requirements of the manufacturing process and precision measuring necessities of your business.

With each individual CMM we retrofit our own bespoke software to the system, allowing us to provide an even better service to your business. Full training packages and ongoing support are available for every level of CMM and its accompanying software. Your team will be fully informed and equipped to use the software system from the offset, allowing for a smooth integration into your business. Long term, users of the bespoke QCT developed software will be able to discuss requirements, issues and queries with our team to keep your new CMM working efficiently and maximise productivity in this area.

Our software packages are some of the most intuitive on the market, meaning your CMM will be able to speed up the inspection time and therefore reduce cost to the business. Being in touch with our customers means that we are able to provide not only tailored software packages but also to continue to develop future versions that improve the usability and productivity of your Co-ordinate measuring machine.

To find out more about our Inspect3D-Pro or Inspect3D-Pro(+CAD) software contact the team today to discuss which package is most suited to your requirements and chosen Co-ordinate measuring machinery.

Choosing QCT ensures that you are not only getting the most relevant and up to date machinery and software for your business, you are also guaranteed a level of service that you would expect from your own team. We work alongside you throughout your CMM machinery usage to ensure that you are supplied with the most accurate equipment and the latest software to keep your processes efficient and profitable.