What is CMM calibration?

New to CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines)? Have a look through our guide to CMM. Here we discuss what is CMM calibration?

What is CMM calibration?

What is CMM calibrationWhat is CMM calibration? (Probe calibration)

With the application of a new probe tip, or the reorientation of the probe tip probe calibration is an integral part of ensuring the accuracy of the measurements and data taken.

Calibration ensures that the probe stays true and accurate in each direction and orientation that will be used during the project.

Calibration much be carried out for each position that the probe will be working in.

The calibration sphere is mounted to the probe and comes with pre-confirmed information on its size and geometric qualities printed onto the surface. This is so the correct information can be input into the software program.

By entering information about the premeasured sphere into the software, the future measurements of the probe taken in that position and orientation can be assured for their accuracy.

With the sphere in place the probe will work out the measurement and the output can be checked on the accompanying software.

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