How accurate are CMM machines?

How accurate are CMM machines? Whether you are new to the industry or just having a brush up on knowledge, please use our "Guide to CMM" to help you on everything CMM related.

How accurate are CMM machines?

how accurate are cmm machinesHow accurate are CMM machines: Our guide to how accurate are CMM machines.

CMMs are able to take incremental measurements that would be otherwise very difficult to obtain using handheld tools. They are infinitely more accurate than measuring by hand and, with accurate calibration, can provide data specific and reliable enough to produce entire assembly lines of products and parts time and time again.

Entire product lines are based on the accuracy of CMM data so, with the economical outlay involved in this, you can see how they have come to be one of the most reliable and accurate ways to check, model and produce parts in manufacturing.

That said, a coordinated measuring machine is only as good as its operator and its last calibration. It is important that CMM technicians receive the appropriate training in order to get the best, most accurate results from the machine and that annual calibration is carried out to maintain the integrity of the results.

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