How to use a CMM

New to CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines)? Have a look through our guide to CMM. Here we discuss how to use a manual CMM (Co-ordinate measuring machine).

How to use a CMM

How to use a CMMHow to use a CMM: to use a manual CMM the operator would move the probe by hand or using the joystick to the part that requires inspection. The machine will then take the measurements which are transferred to the computer software.

  • Firstly, you will need to evaluate which measurements you wish to take, normally referring to drawings or a measurement plan.
  • The appropriate probe will need to be fixed to the measuring arm and calibrated for accuracy.
  • Bring the axis in to line and measure the reference elements to assure perfect alignment.
  • Align the part or object to be measured and assign a designated Z-axis.
  • Take the required measurements.
  • Build the appropriate reports or compare the data as required using the software.

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