Quantum 4 Manual and CNC

QCT’s commitment to the Cmm industry has led to the development of the Quantum 4, designed by the QCT team,using their vast wealth of knowledge and experience on all types of CMMs over the last 20 years. The Cmm was fully redesigned from the ground up taking into account the latest advancements in measuring technology and utilising the latest stress analysis software to ensure a rigid yet light design. The new frames design allows for greater variation in model sizes without the loss of accuracy. The Quantum 4 is also be available in a CNC version. A manual to cnc conversion kit will follow to allow customers to upgrade their machines. Currently available in 3 sizes : Quantum 4-665 : X= 600mm Y=600mm Z= 500mm Quantum 4-6105 : X= 600mm Y= 1000mm Z=500mm Quantum 4-8105: X= 800mm Y 1000mm Z 500mm

Quantum 4 CMM

Manual & CNC Models

The latest Inspect3D-Pro software

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Quantum 4


Supplied With:

  • Latest Inspect3D-Pro Software
  • New Dell Precision Computer, HP Colour Printer
  • Renishaw TP8 probe systems
  • Reference Sphere, Styli Kit
  • Desk, Machine Stand
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Calibration & Training and 1 Year Warranty

Upgrade Options:


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For larger CNC measuring machines please view our Quantum GLH range

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the premium Quantum 4 uses the latest computerised stress analysis to produce a stable, rigid and accurate CMM.

The Quantum 4 model offers the precision of a modern CMM and also the ability to inspect parts or components against geometric tolerances or CAD models.

QCT’s commitment and dedication to the Coordinate-Measuring Machine industry instigated the development of the Quantum 4. With over 25 years’ experience working with this type of machinery, the team redesigned the CMM completely using the latest measuring technology and encompassing advancements in stress analysis software to create a model that can produce strong yet light designs.

By introducing a new frame design, the Quantum 4 now allows for a greater variation in model size without compromising on accuracy. This opens up the possibilities for inspection of a wider range of products, components and parts.

The Quantum 4 is supplied with either manual or automated electronics, our bespoke software and is available in different frame sizes as standard. Built and designed at QCT’s UK works, the Quantum 4 is guaranteed to be of outstanding build quality and automatically comes with our full installation, warranty, service and calibration package.

QCT’s bespoke software that has been developed in-house gives an excellent cost to performance ratio on this model due to its user-friendly and accurate nature. The machine utilises proven electronics and automation programs to provide accurate data output. In our view, the better the CMM output, the better the cost saving on production in the long term.

To future-proof your equipment there are a range of upgrade options available to ensure that your CMM performs as well as possible. We will never oversell, so speak to our team to find out what programs and hardware upgrades would be beneficial to your requirements.

Developing and creating the Quantum 4 ourselves means that we know everything there is to know about its build, design and capabilities. We currently have Quantum 4 models in stock. To find out more about its uses, speak to member of our knowledgeable team today. Full training will be provided with the purchase of any CMM from QCT.