What does a CMM operator do?

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What does a CMM operator do?

What does a CMM operator do?

The QCT guide to what does a CMM operator do? A CMM operator can also be referred to as a CMM technician. There is also a role for a CMM programmer, which is explained below.

  • A CMM operator controls the measuring probe and uses the computing system to take the required measurements on a manual setup.
  • On a programmed CMM, the operator will start the automation software to take the required set of measurements from the object under inspection.
  • The CMM operator will then use the software program to make use of the rich data provided for their design, quality control or development process.

What does a CMM programmer do?

A CMM programmer will install or create inspection programs for the measuring machines and run calibration tests to ensure the accuracy of the data taken.

If a customer or architect, for example, brings sketches or drawings to a CMM technician, the technician will be able to translate these into physical models or prototypes using the CMM machine that they are operating. By running parts through the CMM machine, the operator can also design in reverse by creating drawings from models measured by the machine. The technician will also use the CMM to check how accurately a factory machine is producing parts by periodically measuring the parts produced on the assembly line.

A CMM operator can also use the machine to detect the ideal spot for welding joints between two items, create reports from the data collected by the machine and created detailed information portfolios about the form, quality and tolerances of the measured objects.

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