What is CMM programming?

New to CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines)? Have a look through our guide to CMM. Here we discuss what is CMM programming?

What is CMM programming?

What is CMM programmingWhat is CMM programming?

CMM programmers create inspection programs for coordinated measuring machines. The programming of the machine refers to the setup, calibration and software installation of the process. A programmer will also be able to take drawings, diagrams or prototype information and install a program that will automate the CMM for a ‘run’ of inspections and data collection.

A CMM programmer can also set up the software to perform specific tasks with the data once extracted. This includes the creation of reports, comparisons to produce further analysis of the object and integral coordination with other software, such as CAD.

A CMM programmer is essential to realising the true capabilities of this type of machinery.

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