Inspecta Arm

Introducing the Inspecta measuring arm from QCT, the Inspecta gives exceptional quality where accuracy is a must, at a remarkably low price. Quality comes as standard, software is  included, giving cost effective inspection of any manufactured part. The portable Inspecta measuring arm allows the customer to perform full 3 Dimensional inspection wherever its required.


Inspecta Arm in action

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Inspecta arm - the portable solution

Inspecta Arm


Supplied With:

  • Inspecta Measuring Arm,
  • New Dell Laptop,
  • Inspect3D-Pro Measuring Software,
  • Stylus ,
  • Mounting Plate with
  • Calibration point,
  • Delivery ,
  • Setup and Training
  • 1 Year Warranty

Options :

  • Inspect3D-Pro(+Cad) Software,
  • Carry Case,
  • Magnetic Base,
  • Component Relocation Kit (CRK)
  • Renishaw Touch probe
  • with ref sphere,
  • Tripod

The Inspecta arm offers portable measuring capability for the largest of projects as well as the flexibility to take the measuring machine to the object. Like our Quantum range, the Inspecta arm offers exceptional quality and additional convenience at a remarkably low cost.When a permanently situated CMM is not a practical solution, the Inspecta arm becomes an invaluable tool in producing accuracy data when measuring oversized, inconveniently located or immovable components or parts. The portability of this model is unique and offers flexibility without the delicate nature of a complete CMM transport and re-installation.

The portable Inspecta measuring arm allows the customer to perform full 3 Dimensional inspection wherever its required. It is supplied with a brand new laptop, our bespoke Inspect 3D software, stylus and a mounting plate with calibration point. All delivery, training, setup costs and even a 12 month warranty are included in the purchase price. There is also an optional carry case to help you transport the arm to the location that it is needed.

Although great value, the Inspecta arm does not compromise on quality. Built to exacting standards, the components of this model are of the highest quality and the software is always the latest and most efficient version available.

There are also a number of additional options that you can select from, including alternative Inspect ² CAD software, a carry case, magnetic base, Renishaw touch probe and tripod among others. Our knowledgeable experts will be able to talk you through the options to find out exactly what you need from the Inspecta arm and arrange accordingly.

Speak to the QCT team today to find out more about this cost effective solution for portable measuring.