Inspect3D-Pro(+Cad) is a next generation product which combines both advanced CAD software surface measurement and all the geometric functionality of our successful Inspect3D-Pro software at a price CMM users can afford.



Inspect3D-Pro(+Cad) follows the same philosophy as Inspect3D-Pro being extremely user friendly , powerful and capable of producing measurement results quickly . CAD data can be visualised in the users choice of either wire frame or shaded view, and the quality of the graphic representation is second to none.

IGES and Step translation are supported as standard , other formats are also available. The data is converted in QCT’s own surface geometry on NURBS mathematics (recognised as the most stable and accurate surface parameterisation available).

The key to Inspect3D-Pro(+Cad) is simplicity , even the most complicated 3D models can be measured easily within a matter of minutes with simple and intuitive commands.

CAD data can be displayed and worked with any colour scheme format.

The unique colour mixing windows allows the background ,wire frame, shaded view and results to be fully customised.

The component can be aligned by simple geometric measuring functions , using selected features from CAD model and probing as directed or by free fitting of selected points on the CAD model and running Best fit functions.

Measured results can be output in various formats including numeric and graphical. The use of colour coded hexagonal spot points on the shaded model makes a graphic very quick and easy to assimilate.

Hexagons, spikes or text results can be simply selected by checking different option boxes. Surface and geometric results can be displayed on the same graphic report


Cad Gauge Points can be loaded and used for programming. Best Fit Surface Points & Match Cad Alignment, RPS set up  .View In Outline , Wire Frame & Shaded Views. Mirror , Rotate , Scale , Translate & Section Cad. Add Material Thickness & Offset Change Cad & Probe Viewer Properties. Show Results With Text, Spikes , Spots & Labels.

Interrogate Cad File, Cad Surface Selection Edge & Surface Points Write and Run Programs